Add To Cart

Those three words make it all better.

But consider these tips before you confirm that order

Know The Company

Do your research. And don’t just use Google. Companies can easily pay for advertising and favorable reviews on public search engines. Look at their social media in particular. If they have a hashtag, search it. See whos buying their products and what they think about them. I learned early in my days of retail that people will let it be known when they dislike a product or service.

Beware Of Frauds

Now, being that 95% of my shopping is done online, I love to follow online boutiques on IG. So I see a lot of ads and a lot of the same models who work for different designers and stores. If you go to a stores page, look for consistency in the posts and its format. Are they using the same models or staging their products in the same way. A company using another brands images is usually no good. The product is probably similar but not what’s in the picture.

Make It Count

Sites like Retail Me Not always have discount codes for most retailers. Before you purchase do a quick search to see if they have any valid codes. You can Google ” Bebe discount codes” and find a Free Shipping code or see what online promotion they have going on. Personally, if I don’t have a code 8/10 times I’m not going to purchase. Call it being cheap or frugal but I just love a discount!!! You can also go to their social media page for discount codes as well or search if they have brand ambassadors who offer their own distinct code. If your planning for an event in advance, try to wait until a holiday or special event like the Superbowl or Valentines Day. Boutiques will take advantage of these days to throw flash sales or give out special discount ( even giveaways ).

How Much To Ship??

Shipping. Oh Shipping. My one deterrent. Look, don’t bother paying for expedited shipping. Its expensive, and the order still has to go through a process phase. Just do standard. Save yourself the disappointment.

Congratulations!!Your orders on the way!!!


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