Downsize Me

We as women, we’ve all done it. Paid for an oversized bag with all the zippers and pockets and secret compartments. Go to find that last piece of gum or much needed aspirin and you could be searching for awhile. Me personally, I’m over the large or even oversized bag. It becomes a blackhole. Things that you’ve convinced yourself will be needed or even your friend might need. At some point you have to stop carrying your whole bathroom sink with you and just keep it simple. Listen, carrying a diaper bag for a whole year gave me the best insight ever and in the words of Erykah Badu on BagLady, “Pack Light.”

So I’ve come across a few spring bags perfect for the woman looking to downsize her baggage and carry essentials while still staying on trend (and on budget).




This RiverIsland crossbody bag is a perfect, classic addition. Priced at $52.00, the timeless black and white design can pair nicely with that little black dress or a pair of distressed denim and a white bodysuit for a more chill look.
Shop RiverIsland Crossbody Now


For the more eccentric at heart. Cobalt is my color this spring. Mixing things up with this bag will be no easy fete. Have fun! Rock an all denim look to really play off the blue hues and fun textures.

Shop Blue Croc Now


Aldo has really been slaying in the bag department for me lately. They quality and prices have really caught my eye. This bag  in particular is giving me designer vibes with the embroidered detail and fastened closure feature…..just click the link and thank me later!!They have so many similar designs in an array of colors. This ones priced to sell out at $65.

Shop Tribal Vibes Now


The Mercer in Raspberry…Enough Said.

Customizable. Durable and Ready For The Weekend. At standard Michael Kors pricing of $228. Comes in mini size and large

Let Spring Inspire You To Change It Up!!Remember Have Fun With What You Wear!!

xOxO – LindseyLikey


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